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[FOT] Re: The return of the AMBRO by A.R.E. or ????

Subject: [FOT] Re: The return of the AMBRO by A.R.E. or ????
From: Bill Babcock <>
Date: Mon, 13 Nov 2006 12:07:26 -1000
done (took a bit longer than a few minutes, but that's typical of my  
time estimating ability). there are two domain names that point to  
the site: and I grabbed them  
both because they might be useful in the future.

to learn how to use this blog you can go to http:// and learn all about it. It's  
pretty simple to use, however, and just logging in to the system a  
playing with it will get you going. Joe I have set you up as an  
administrator, so you do anything you like. that means you need to be  
a little careful, though there isn't anything you can break that I  
can't fix. Any other FOT member or other person you tell about the  
blog can add posts, write pages, upload pictures, etc.



On Nov 13, 2006, at 7:54 AM, wrote:

> Bill....
> Wow! A blog!  I dont even know what one is, but willing to learn.   
> Please do it!
> The plot thickens.....
> Regards to Maui,
> Joe
>> I have an extensive collection of history on Peyote, mostly  
>> courtesy of Howie Wold, I'm certainly willing to share that with  
>> anyone researching Ambro and Bill Ames history. I also plan to use  
>> the website I've set up to write a history  
>> of Peyote as well as documenting the tour I plan for next year.  
>> I'm also working on a semi-fictional "book" (it probably won't  
>> ever be published on paper) that I call the Peyote Chronicles.   
>> It's fictional because I'm way too lazy to do serious research, so  
>> I'm making it up.
>> If you like I can create a Blog for you, Joe. Won't take me more  
>> than a few minutes. then you can have a place to post all the  
>> stuff you need to document your efforts and enable others to  
>> contribute information, pictures, etc to the cause.
>> bill

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