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[FOT] Help with the history of a Spitfire racer needed

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Subject: [FOT] Help with the history of a Spitfire racer needed
From: "Joe Guinan" <>
Date: Tue, 14 Nov 2006 15:12:20 -0600
An acquaintance on the NASS email list wrote in about a Spitfire race car he
just purchased.  He'd like to get some more information about the history of
the car.  I hope some FoT member will know about it.  Details in a snip from
his message below.  The "Buzzard Race Cars" name plate might trigger some
memories.  Link to a photo is included.

Thanks in advance.

Joe Guinan
Fremont, Nebraska

--------------- ORIGINAL MESSAGE--------------------
I bought a Mk 1 Race Car last week.  Sight unseen, via e-mail from a
acquaintance I met an autocross event.

The story was that he was tasked with cleaning out the garage if a friend
who had passed on and left no family but had several race car projects going
at the time of his death.  I was told that I was rust free, non-running and
semi-complete with a recent re-built race motor and lots of spare parts.  I
was also told that it was a '75.

My plan was to pull the motor and use it in my '79 1500 street/autocross car
but I do not think that that is possible anymore.

I was told that is was built in the early 70s and run in D prepared for some
time.  I have no idea who built or drove it other than a data plate that
reads "Buzzard Race Cars 001"

>From the commission number - FC921; I know it was originally made in 1962.
It is very well engineered and constructed but will take some work to get
running again.

Does anybody know anything about this car?   Photo is available at:

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