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Re: [FOT] New Spitfire Racer to nominate

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Subject: Re: [FOT] New Spitfire Racer to nominate
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Date: Tue, 14 Nov 2006 18:30:24 -0800
Hello Gang..
I heartily 2nd the nomination of Robert D. MacKenzie...
Go Spitfires!!
Racer Bud..CSRG Spitfire #21 ..Sonoma, Ca.
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Subject: [FOT] New Spitfire Racer to nominate

> I'd like to nominate Robert D. MacKenzie of San Antonio, Texas to the FoT.
> His email address is and some details about his background
> with Triumph performance driving are inserted below.  As I mentioned 
> earlier
> today, Robert is trying to figure out the car's history.  His "new" 
> Spitfire
> came from somewhere around Houston, TX and is apparently one of the first
> Spitfires imported to the US - it would be 12th on Joe Curry's Spitfire
> Database with it's "FC921" commission number.  A photo of the car can be
> seen at -  As Rocky Entriken
> has pointed out, this was an Autocross prepared car, not a road racer.  It
> looks like it could easily become a dedicated vintage racer, though Robert
> plans to go slowly with the project and autocross it only for now.  We'll
> get him to a couple of events, and see how long it takes him to get the 
> bug
> to get out on the track... ;-)
> It would be nice if any FoTers in the San Antonio or Austin areas would 
> say
> "Hello" to him and maybe let him know about any vintage racing events that
> may be occurring near him.
> May I have a second, please?
> Joe Guinan
> Fremont, NE
> -----------------Robert's Message---------------------------------
> I only plan to autocross this car, at least for now.  I have been
> autocrossing now and then, depending on what car I had, (72 BMW 2002Tii - 
> 83
> Honda Civic S - 76 911S) for over 20 years and have managed to keep the
> costs under control.  I live in San Antonio, TX but plan to move to the
> greater Austin area early next year. In this area there are two great
> autocross clubs that stage events almost every other weekend.  The
> atmosphere is pretty laid back and they almost seem to follow the SCCA
> rulebook, but not that closely. I just can't see myself doing any real 
> road
> racing, but it would be fun.  A national autocross event is my goal.
> As for my Triumph racing experience:  I bought my first Spitfire, a '79 
> 1500
> this April and have run 5 or 6 autocross events since then. Until last
> Sunday, I had planned to evolve the 79 into a high performance autocross 
> car
> that would look stock and still be streetable.  I am no longer planning to
> go that route with this race prepared car in my garage.  I
> will keep the 79 as a daily driver type but will keep improving it as 
> things
> wear out.
> I bought the car from James Rodgerson, a driving instructor at MSR 
> Houston.
> I believe the car came from the Houston area.  Other than that and the
> "Buzzard Race Cars 001" dataplate: I know nothing.
> Robert D. MacKenzie
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