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Re: [FOT] frames

Subject: Re: [FOT] frames
From: "RACER BUD" <>
Date: Thu, 16 Nov 2006 19:33:01 -0800
Hi Gang.
OK....I have been quite softly spoken on this frame subject.....Until 
now....In the oldER was common knowledge that the straight frame 
was the best racing frame.....I kind of assumed that all of the 'Gang' knew 
this..I am 60ish....raced TR4s in the early 1970's
You are all great.people..
Thanks for putting your hearts into this!
Racer Bud.
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Subject: Re: [FOT] frames

> 16 November 2006
> Hello Fellows,
>        If I had to bet which  factory frame would endure the test of time 
> (TR4 vs. TR4A), I would put my money on the TR4 frame. It is simpler and 
> is comprised of one straight run of boxed steel. It simply had less places 
> for water and dirt to accumulate and acceleration ran the water out the 
> rear and deceleration out the front. Air passed without restriction. 
> But......if you build a TR4A frame with modern materials and foam fill or 
> otherwise treat the interior to a anti-rust coating, then the TR 4A is 
> equal and in my opinion, better. Caster and Camber are real issues that 
> the TR4A frame deals with nicely. It could be better and we all know that, 
> however, modern materials and processes have made it the superior to the 
> original all things considered.
>    Besides gentlemen, this question is mute. Consider that the TR4A/250/6 
> frames are at least 32 years old, they have endured the test of time 
> admirably. None of you building a race or street car (with a new frame) 
> with this design (TR4A) has to worry about frame failure in their lifetime 
> and possibly there children's. My opinion is that if the rules allow the 
> change to TR4A front suspension and TR4 SRA, then do it. It is the racers 
> edge!
> Respectfully
> Tony Vigliotti
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> Subject: [FOT] frames
>>A weight vs. torshional and a beam rigidities
>> study would be interesting 4 vs. 4A.
>> My uninformed guess is that assuming equally
>> minimal levels of rust, the 4 would win.
>> anybody fool with this in the past?
>> art de armond
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