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Re: [FOT] Inquiry: 35 minute Video Tape on AMBRO by Howie in

Subject: Re: [FOT] Inquiry: 35 minute Video Tape on AMBRO by Howie in
From: Bill Babcock <>
Date: Fri, 17 Nov 2006 06:05:33 -1000
It's probably Howie Wold. I've corresponded with him extensively and  
he provided me with a wealth of historical material on Peyote. I  
don't have his email on this computer but perhaps you can find him  
another way--or just remind me to look for it in december when I  
return home,

On Nov 17, 2006, at 3:38 AM, wrote:

> FoT:
> There is a strong rumor that there is a 35 minute video tape on  
> Bill Ames and
> the Ambro. It may have been  produced by someone called 'Howie' in
> Minneapolis.
> This gentleman apparently called Robert Ames a few years ago, while  
> Robert
> was out of town. He never called back.
> Perhaps Doug Karon or Pat Starr knows will be  
> information that
> will go well with an effort to collect information on the life and  
> times of Bill
> Ames. (Peyote & Ambro)
> Thanks...BTW, I have not used the blog established by Bill Babcock  
> yet, but
> hope to start.
> Regards,
> Joe Alexander
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