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[FOT] FoT Nomination Steve Belfer TR3 Smallmouth

Subject: [FOT] FoT Nomination Steve Belfer TR3 Smallmouth
Date: Sun, 19 Nov 2006 11:23:44 EST

RE:  Nomination:  Steve Belfer      TR3  

One of the first TR racers I meant after the Beady Eye Bunch, was Mike Belfer.

Sadly, Mike left us in the 90s. prior to his death, he had son Steve share 
driving duties in the well tuned Belfer TR3. Steve was fast at Road America.

The TR3 was Steve's legacy, but he turned over his legacy to an able and 
worthy custodian in John Hornbostel of Ohio. This was necessary, as Steve paid 
diligence to his movie career in California.

In 2007, the Legacy resumes with Steve and the TR3 Smallmouth, on the West 
Coast. Nice addition to our VARA Triumphs.

Please welcome Steve and lay in a second.

Joe (A)

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