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Re: [FOT] Thriller at Miller

Subject: Re: [FOT] Thriller at Miller
From: "Henry Morrison" <>
Date: Sun, 19 Nov 2006 20:27:34 -0700
OK, after checking out their website, they(the SCCA) have some road races on 
the schedule for this summer.  Good for them and good for the 

>From: "Henry Morrison" <>
>Reply-To: "Henry Morrison" <>
>Subject: Re: [FOT] Thriller at Miller
>Date: Sun, 19 Nov 2006 18:54:06 -0700
>I will be there regardless, my Elva raced most of its career with Utah 
>Region although it was owned by the last RE of Bonneville Region.  For a 
>short time, I was the RE for Utah Region.  My Uncle campaigned a TR2, AH 
>100, AH 100-6 and finally a Lotus 18 in Utah Region.  He inspired my father 
>and I to get into this whole sporty car racket.  I can think of no more 
>clear example of the magic of the vintage era than that when Utah had 
>probably 700 thousand residents there were two SCCA regions putting on road 
>races, and now with 2 million residents, I don't think that Utah Region 
>could get together a road race..........I hope to see you on the 4.5 mile 
>23 turn course in June............................Henry Morrison
>>From: "Kas Kastner" <>
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>>To: "William G Rosenbach" <>, <>
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>>Subject: Re: [FOT] Thriller at Miller
>>Date: Sun, 19 Nov 2006 17:03:13 -0800
>>If something could be done there I think it would also make a great place 
>>award the annual Kastner Cup. Not too far for the West coast guys and 
>>enough to bring some folks from Texas and the mid-west I would think. I
>>started in this business in Salt Lake City and so would like to see this
>>happen. At one time I was the only licensed driver from the state for 
>>and was a founding member of the Utah region of the SCCA.
>>I've made many a fast trip in the late evening up Parley's canyon also 
>>around "This is the place monument" until the cops would show up and try 
>>catch us,...small chance. In those days Park City has a population of 27
>>people. Now it is untold thousands, and lots are millionaires. too bad. 
>>Never Be beaten by Equipment
>>Kas Kastner
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>>   Sent: Sunday, November 19, 2006 2:27 PM
>>   Subject: Re: [FOT] Thriller at Miller
>>   I've spoken to the folks at Nostalgia Racing, told them about the event
>>   format as used in Hallett. They like the concept and feel it can be
>>   accommodated in the schedule.
>>   The Miller people are a very welcoming and helpful bunch and Nostalgia
>>   Racing does great events.
>>   A turnout as in Hallett would make all things come together.
>>   Is there enough interest?
>>   Bill
>>   On Sun, 19 Nov 2006 10:46:24 -0700 "Mark J. Bradakis"
>>   <> writes:
>>   > Gee, too bad Babcock will be back east that weekend with Peyote.  Of
>>   > course,
>>   > he hasn't left yet...  Hope to see a fair number of FOT drivers
>>   > there anyway.
>>   >
>>   > Also, I added Steve Belfer to the list.
>>   >
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