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[FOT] Re: Al Moss's Racing DVDs

To: Howie Wold <>
Subject: [FOT] Re: Al Moss's Racing DVDs
From: Bill Babcock <>
Date: Sat, 25 Nov 2006 12:57:15 -1000
Apparently I don't read with much comprehension--I finally spotted  
the price and address. I'll order a set as soon as I get home. For  
some reason I assumed this one one of your projects.

On Nov 25, 2006, at 11:09 AM, Howie Wold wrote:

> Bill - I see where you and Cameron are still having a blast!  I  
> presume the Airstream is in use by now -hope it is working out  
> well!  Come East, Peyote!, Come East! Hope we'll see you in '07!
> My primary reason for getting in touch, however, is -
> I want to share w/ you a review (via the jpeg attachment) from the  
> Nov/Dec '06 issue of Vintage Motorsport.  Just finished viewing my  
> set (approx. 4 hrs). What Fun!  Footage of all the iconic sports  
> cars & drivers of the 50's & early 60's. From Phil Hill & his 2.9  
> Alpha ('49/'50) to Jim Hall & his Chapparal ('61/'62) and  
> everything in between! They're all there! If you don't enjoy these  
> DVDs then all that turkey gravy flushed the motor oil from your  
> blood stream!
> Cheers,
> Howie Wold
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