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[FOT] Race History TR-3 Owner Nomination

To: Friends of Triumph <>
Subject: [FOT] Race History TR-3 Owner Nomination
From: Jim Prettyleaf <>
Date: Mon, 27 Nov 2006 22:59:35 -0800 (PST)
  I am pleased to nominate Mark Eginton to join the Friends of Triumph 
discussion list.  Mark still owns the SCCA race history TR-3 that his Dad drove 
at Riverside, Santa Barbara and Laguna Seca in the early 60's. According to 
Mark his Dad's car was probably the only satin black TR3 out there, and Mark 
still has the original "Ditto" schedules from some of these events.  
  Mark's father was a foreign car mechanic and therefore he always had a garage 
full of parts. When Mark was 11 the car became his and he built the existing 
pumped-up engine with his Dad's help, so by the time Mark could drive - the car 
was ready.  Mark regularly beat 327 Chevys and 914s in drag races outside the 
El Toro Marine base in High School (nothing too serious just other competitors 
driving stock and street modified machines). 
  Mark still has the car plus vintage parts and intends to build a replica of 
his Dad's original race engine with his son's help this winter.  Mark hopes to 
reuse as many old parts from the garage and minimizing the use of new 
components whenever possible.  When the car is completed Mark plans to vintage 
race it for fun although he has some concerns that the roll bar is probably too 
low for today's standards.  
  Jim Prettyleaf
  Cupertino, California

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