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[Fot] Large FOT Decals (11.75 wide x 8.5" high)

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Subject: [Fot] Large FOT Decals (11.75 wide x 8.5" high)
From: "Joe Curry" <>
Date: Tue, 19 Dec 2006 08:33:54 -0700
I guess some of the people for whom I had these decals printed have reniged on
their purchase.  As a result, I have 5 of them available for immediate resale
($25.00 each, shipping included).

This is also the last time I will be producing these decals because I can't
afford to do them and have people not follow through on their committments.  I
am still left with a large number of the smaller ones both in the sticky-back
and the static cling variety.  I overprinted those in order to keep the
individual price down.  I think Joe Alexander still has some of the smaller
ones himself and until his supply is exhausted, any orders for them should be
directed to Joe A.

If anyone wants one of these large FOT decals, please notify me immediately by
email and I will forward ordering instructions and reserve them for you.  If
there is more demand that the quantity I have, I will reserve them on a first
come-first served basis and keep a list of the others so I can offer them to
the next available person in case of a default.

Joe Curry
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