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Subject: Re: [Fot] Please Welcome Back John Macartney (AKA JonMac)
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Date: Thu, 3 Jan 2008 21:22:24 -0000
Hi, Everyone

And thanks to you Joe for arranging my re-admission. For those who have been
FOTers for some time and may remember me from years back, my world has changed
quite a lot since I last submitted periodic comments to the FOT list.

In 2004 I re-married and for this august event two Triumphs played an active
part. My (then) 1974 2000 sedan took Liz from our home to the Register Office
for our ceremony and then my fuel injected sedan took us both to the party
afterwards - and then off on our honeymoon.

In 2005, I had a stroke but this wasn't anything to do with events the
previous year!

Since then, I've retired from paid work and now do more unpaid work than I
ever thought possible. The leisure times (some of them) are spent writing
stories with a Standard-Triumph flavour for the largest Triumph Club in the
UK. It has about 10,000 members in the UK and is very active on many different
fronts. When I'm not doing that, Liz and I spend as much time as we can in our
caravan (trailer) which comfortably sleeps four people and we go off at
weekends to somewhere different but never all that far from home. When we're
not living in our larger caravan, I'm working on another smaller one which
later this year will be used by people who can't afford a vacation but want to
get away somewhere. This is part of the charity (non-profit) I've established
that raises money for other charities and is an event organiser in its own
right. We do classic car road runs and fundraising events. Two of note in 2008
are getting blind people to drive a car on a private road and the other is a
one day road run in which more blind people will act as navigators for cars in
which they are passengers. We've done both events before and they not only
raise a lot of money but are great fun as well.

And then, as Joe commented, I'm busy planning the Triumph Trans-AmeriCan
Charity Drive in 2009 that will last about 9000 miles and finish at Triumphest
and coincide with the North American Triumph Challenge at the same venue. I'll
be doing that in a Stag. You'll find details at
and there's a "Keep Informed" facility where you can receive email updates
from me as the planning gets closer and closer to reality.

'S good to be back

Cheers, Jonmac
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  Please welcome John back to the list. John fell off the edge of the world
with a huge  cyberspace/hardrive crash.  Mark B, would you bring John back to
our world?

  John Macartney

  John is from the UK and well known in Triumph Circles.  He has also authored
a couple of books. One was considered for production as a movie or for for a
TV series.
  Both have Triumph Content and are factual stories.  He worked for the
Standard Triumph factories, as his father did before him.

  John is also planning a 10,000 Mile Odyssey across NORTH AMERICA IN 2009.
But there is plenty of time for us to dwell on that later......

  Joe Alexander

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