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[Fot] 2008 FATBASTARD Champion Announcement

Subject: [Fot] 2008 FATBASTARD Champion Announcement
Date: Tue, 22 Apr 2008 13:50:03 EDT
Yesterday, Henry Frye provided you with a thorough summary of our race  
weekend at VIR. Today, I am pleased to announce to the FOT community that we  
a new Champion for 2008.
In the spirit of the beloved Martha McDougal, we selected a Triumph  pilot 
that exemplifies the comradery, perseverance, racecraft and positive  attitude, 
for which Martha was so well known. After a painstaking, and time  consuming 
review of our complex scoring system, we are pleased to tell  you that Mark 
Wheatley was selected as our 2008 Champion.
Mark was presented the trophy, including Martha's left  shoe, by Dennis 
DeLap, our 2007 Champion. The award was in recognition of  his years of 
contribution to the sport and on-track performance during the  weekend's 
racing. Mark is 
well known as always having a smile, or wry grin,  ready at a moments notice. 
He has willingly assisted in the repair of cars with  which he competes, often 
loaning his own spares in the process. He has steadily  progressed as a 
driver and shared his knowledge with those coming up through the  ranks. It's a 
shame none of us can understand him when he speaks.
Congratulations Mark!
Dean Tetterton, Don Marshall, Leo Oddi
(Rob Deanes, apprentice, chef and newbie)
FOT Southeast

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