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Re: [Fot] GT6 japanese starter

To: Terry and Cindy <>
Subject: Re: [Fot] GT6 japanese starter
From: Bob <>
Date: Sat, 17 May 2008 07:32:38 -0400
If memory serves me right, there is a short and long Lucas starter. I 
had the short version on my GT6 and it clears the Mueller headers that 
are on the car. Of course if you are running big time compression ratios 
then the Lucas probably won't have enough umph! to turn the engine over.

Terry and Cindy wrote:
> I'm chasing a replacment starter for a GT6 that is shorter to give me more
> clearance around the extractors. The Japanese Nippondenso ones I've measured
> (off Toyotas etc) require a thick adaptor plate to sort out gear meshing,
> which results in them being about the same length as the Lucas one. I'm
> prepared to remake the backing plate to suit a different bolt pattern. Has
> anyone found something suitable???
> Thanks, Terry O'Beirne, Australia
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