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[Fot] Watkins Glen 4-7 Sept

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Subject: [Fot] Watkins Glen 4-7 Sept
From: "John Macartney" <>
Date: Mon, 7 Jul 2008 21:14:00 +0100

I want to try and be there if I can - subject to wife's health and being able 
to get a US visa 
quickly. Your combined thoughts (off-list to avoid swamping it might be 
better?) regarding travel 
would be appreciated.

1. What is the closest international airport to the Glen? Currently I'm 
checking fares out of the UK 
from BHX, LGW and LHR to the various airports in New York state - i.e. JFK, NYC 
and La Guardia. If I 
do opt for a New York airport, is there anyone on the list travelling to the 
Glen from that general 
area from whom I could bum a lift? Happy to meet fuel costs if this will help.

2. If I can't get a lift, everyone's recommendations on the cheapest car rental 
firm would be 
appreciated. I want something small and cheap like a VW Golf/Rabbit.

3. What's the approximate driving time from New York to the Glen or from any 
other usable airport to 
the Glen?

Looking forward to your thoughts

Cheers, Jonmac

Originator of The Triumph Trans-America Charity Drive 2009

An event for full TRIUMPH Enthusiast participation 

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