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Subject: Re: [Fot] Miata seats
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Date: Mon, 21 Jul 2008 08:49:18 -0700
THE HOLE IN THE GARAGE...Do you guys know about the part of the brain called 
the 'Want Box' ?...There is a compartment called the 'Want Box'...When we 
want's in the 'Want Box'...once we get that thing..the Want 
Box is empty...guess what happens?...Woosh!..amazingly..something else fills 
the Want Box....I have a hole in my garage now too.
Racer Bud
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>I know two FOT that race a Spec Miata, and both are good competitive
> racers. I think all that seat time in such a tight wheel to wheel
> environment really can hone your racecraft skills. Especially since
> there is little to no horsepower advantage at play here.
> I will admit after a couple of frustrating race weekends I have given
> the concept more than a passing thought!
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>> I've thought long and hard about getting a spec miata.
>> They're cheap to buy, cheap to run, and you always have lots
>> of competition. If I was racing one of those every couple of
>> weeks my driving skill would probably slide backwards at a
>> slower rate (yeah, I really do think I'm well past my peak).
>> I've raced one--it's a lot like racing a good vintage
>> car--lots of similarities.  Thing is that most of the guys I
>> know who both vintage race and spec miata race (all three of
>> them!!) wind up with dust on their miata. I'm not sure why,
>> but I do know I don't need another large object in the shop
>> that I don't use.
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