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Subject: [Fot] Nomination
From: "Gary Horstkorta" <>
Date: Tue, 29 Jul 2008 11:34:36 -0700


I'd like to nominate Dave Hogye to become a member of our esteemed
organization.  Dave lives in Santa Cruz, CA, the "real" Surf City and home
of renowned FOTer Greg Solow.  Dave recently acquired a TR3 which he has
disassembled and is in the process of bringing back to life as a vintage
racer.  Good news for us in N.CA. as we need more Triumphs to frequent our
race grids.  Dave will be looking for all the tips and tricks from FOTers
during his rebuilding process and is already on the right path having
acquired Kas' books.  Dave, perhaps you can add more to this brief
introduction if you would like.  Dave's email address is:
Do I have a second?  



1962 TR4

1969 TR6

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