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To: "Mark J Bradakis" <>,
Subject: Re: [Fot] Phil Hill
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Date: Fri, 29 Aug 2008 08:05:31 +0100
MJB wrote:
> Did the late, great Phil Hill ever drive a Triumph?

I saw him and spoke to him on a number of occasions at the BMIHT museum in the 
UK when he brought 
over parties of North American visitors.
Apart from being one of the most courteous of treasured motoring history icons 
(you'd be amazed at 
how many are/were arrogant and just downright rude!) he also demonstrated a 
very full and detailed 
grasp of the UK's motor industry evolution, the makes and models that made up 
the vehicle groups and 
their performance attributes. IMHO, you don't get that level of knowledge just 
reading books. You'll 
have driven the cars for some meaningful mileages, met and spoken with the 
people who designed and 
made them and got to know a lot more about all aspects in some detail. While 
this summary doesn't 
answer Mark's question, Phil Hill's knowledge was at such a level of refinement 
that I'd be very 
surprised if he hadn't driven all the Triumph sports cars extensively because 
it was clear he knew a 
great deal about the big saloons, their international rally car derivatives as 
well as the smaller 
and more sedate/budget priced non-sports cars.

John Macartney 


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