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Date: Sun, 7 Sep 2008 21:50:04 -0700
Just got home after racing at Portland this weekend.  It was my wife Patty's
turn to drive the Spitfire, and she finished third out of seven in class.
Saturday evening, we were sitting with old friends and talking racing and
racing people.  It was later than 8PM Eastern, as we were still racing that
early, but we did talk about and toast Uncle Jack.  I only knew him through
the FOT, but sure came to admire and appreciate his character, dedication to
the sport and his helping others.  Thanks Uncle Jack and thanks to all of
you!! What a great group.

Jim Norlin

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In the evening of many FoT's raising a toast to Uncle Jack tonight... I'm
raising a Triumph... isn't that what brought us all together? I think Uncle
Jack would appreciate it, although I've never met the man. I've got a fine
Dominican cigar and a shot of Patron...  that's how I do it.

All the best to you, all of you!
Bobby Whitehead
#54 CVAR Triumph GT6+

Cheers to you, Uncle Jack! _______________________________________________

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