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Date: Thu, 11 Sep 2008 10:27:12 -0400

The Kastner Cup goes West in 2009. The Portland track is an eventuality
that has been waiting for the right time. =

2009 appears to be the right time. At least to me.

It is such a huge country I fail to see why we cant do a great job of more
than one FOT event in one year.  The Mitty =

is a candidate, although it doesnt suit everyone. I dont know if i can go,
myself, but I would try. The GROUP 44 =

theme is uniquie and timely, and I would take any opportunity that I can
get to see Richard Taylor.

Finally, there is also nothing to stop folks from promoting their favorite
venue and event.

The Glen was huge and and magic and very special, but they dont all have to
be that way.

Joe Alexander
Honorary Newfie


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Date: Thu, 11 Sep 2008 00:16:00 EDT
Subject: [Fot] next year

Portland sounds nice and I understand that the event needs to go west some. =

But Portland is a long, long way from Florida and probably 3/4 of our =

membership. Please remember, as you discuss next year, that I have formally
invited =

eveyone to the Mitty, am willing to sponsor the event there (or at least an =

eastcoast version of the event) and have organized a Group 44 Reunion. I
have =

talked to Joe about this as well. I have already gotten commitments from
probably =

ten Group 44 cars, have now added at least one Kastner/Brophy car (and am =

looking for more) to make the game even more fun and have a beautiful
poster in the =

works. We have invited Bob Tullius to be the grand marshall and Lany has =

already told us he will come. Several other original Group 44 team members
have =

agreed to come and I will have the Group 44 GT6 there to run for the first
time =

since the early seventies. The beer party is covered, as is the dart =

tournament. Jack Woerhle was great to us in 05, and we will have our own
race again in =

08. The date is the first weekend in May.

Can I get an amen on this idea?

Tim Suddard
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and Grassroots Motorsports magazines
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