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[Fot] Portland...and Newfoundland

Subject: [Fot] Portland...and Newfoundland
From: "" <>
Date: Fri, 12 Sep 2008 07:55:47 -0400
Looks like Portland is it for 2009.

I hope to be in the area.  I think that John Macartney will be somewhere
near Portland at that time on his last leg of =

the Charity Run, but will need to check the calendar.

Uncle Jack & I checked it out a few years ago. It is a sure success.  Full
Sized Cutout of Uncle Jack in Leisure Suit is a =

brilliant thought.

I still have many folks to thank for The Glen, but my email is
sporadic...will try to catch up later.

Today we will check out the Targa entries and meet the organizer, Scott
Giannou, through our hosts. We will be =

there for the start of the event.  Newfoundland is quite wonderful...I have
not found a cod, nor a puffin attractive =

enough to kiss, but it is forthcoming.

Joe & Jan

Original Message:
From: Kas Kastner
Date: Thu, 11 Sep 2008 17:25:05 -0700
Subject: Re: [Fot] Our weekend at the Glen

Portland is so cool, I can't stand it.

---- Bill Babcock <> wrote: =

I am, in fact, quite stupidly willing to take that on if everyone  =

agrees that Portland is the right venue. Stupidly, because having  =

already helped to organize the CRC event I know how much work this can  =

be. Since we are in fact an organization without any rules, I'm  =

puzzled about how this gets decided. I guess we should just ask Joe  =

and Kas. What say you guys? And does anyone have an objection?

I think a full-sized cutout of Uncle Jack in his leisure suit is a  =

requirement for the event, and should travel to whatever other venues  =

we subsequently pick for the Kastner Kup.

On Sep 10, 2008, at 6:23 PM, David Talbott wrote:

> I suppose we shouldn't presume Kas's comments to be an official  =

> pronouncement on his part, but it does sound like Portland might  =

> have some potential in a bid to be the host city for the 2009  =

> Kastner Cup.  Since Bill Babcock has an obvious connection with the  =

> local Convention & Visitors Bureau, not to mention that he's  =

> essentially retired, I think nominating him for the position of  =

> Event Chair would make perfect sense to get the ball rolling.  This  =

> is a crucial role, especially if one is to believe that Joe  =

> Alexander will be declining such opportunities for a while - or so I  =

> thought I heard Jan to suggest last Sunday at the Glen.
> Of course, I'd be delighted to assist Bill in any way I can; however  =

> I may need all the time I can muster just to make sure I have a car  =

> finished for the event.  Given that the track is all of a 7 minute  =

> tow from my shop, I'm thinking I wouldn't have too many excuses for  =

> not being there.
> And unlike the Glen, the prospects for hurricane-induced weather  =

> events are pretty slim in September for this area, in fact it would  =

> be tough to pick a better time of the year to be in the NW.  Now  =

> that I think about it, the picture of Uncle Jack in his polyester  =

> leisure suit that someone posted a few weeks back was taken at a  =

> balmy Saturday night party at the September CRC event a couple of  =

> years ago.
> So what say, do I hear a second for my nomination of Billy B. to  =

> lead the charge for PDX 2009?
> DT
> ----- Original Message ----- From: "Kas Kastner" <>
> To: <>; "Bill Babcock" <>
> Cc: <>
> Sent: Wednesday, September 10, 2008 5:00 PM
> Subject: Re: [Fot] Our weekend at the Glen
>> Portland is a great city, great track an a neat place to have a  =

>> good time.
>> ---- Bill Babcock <> wrote:
>> =3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D
>> As Jeff pointed out, it's Labor Day, not Memorial day. I get those  =

>> two
>> confused all the time.
>> Portland International Raceway is an interesting track from a
>> technical standpoint, and the CRC is a good race. The track was
>> repaved last year and some corners were changed a bit.  You won't  =

>> find
>> better pavement anywhere. It's easy to run large-scale races there.
>> PIR is right on the MAX line (rapid transit trains), so significant
>> others are not stuck at the track--they can go into Portland with
>> minimal effort, and Portland is one of the most accessible cities in
>> the US. Very compact--you can walk anywhere in downtown. Having been
>> pretty much all over the world and especially all over North  =

>> America I
>> assert that Portland has restaurants, street food, taverns and
>> specialty food (like artiisan bread, great bakeries, etc) to rival or
>> surpass any city, including places like Paris, New York City and San
>> Francisco. You simply can't find better beer, and our Pinot's stack  =

>> up
>> to the best.
>> SOVREN is very strict about racing classifications for it's members,
>> but more flexible for outsiders. I'm sure I can work with them to
>> ensure that anyone that wants to come can race. I'm also pretty  =

>> sure I
>> can get an all-triumph race. The CRC has plenty of track time--it  =

>> runs
>> Friday through Monday with Thursday usually available as an
>> inexpensive test and tune day through the Lotus Club. You can wear
>> yourself and your car out at the CRC.
>> The All British Field Meet runs the same weekend in the same venue
>> (yes, there are sometimes some space problems but we can overflow to
>> the Pro Pits which are nicer for camping anyway). They have car  =

>> shows,
>> autojumbles, and a big vendor area. It's a well-attended show that
>> draws from car clubs all over the coast. There is a short on-track
>> autocross that's kind of a PIA, but I'd like to set up a better and
>> longer running autocross in the propit area--we've done that before.
>> I think PIR is kind of ideal as a west coast venue for the Kastner
>> Cup. Seattle (Pacific Raceways) is too far from other facilities-- =

>> it's
>> in Kent, Washington--and the major race is the Northwest Historics,
>> which is a pretty crowded event. The Portland Historics is an HMSA
>> event, and they're hard to work with on car classifications.
>> Thunderhill is a wonderful track, but it's east of nowhere. Sears
>> (Infinion) is fabulous and wonderful Sonoma is close by, but the only
>> likely event is the CSRG Charity Challenge and it's often filled.  =

>> is an excellent organization, but they might be a bit tough on car
>> classification. I'm not sure any of the SCCA cars would be allowed to
>> run. Laguna is too restricted--they don't have many dates anymore.
>> We'd all need sand filters for Willows.
>> The only limitation at PIR is noise--you'd all need mufflers.
>> It's not too early to start planning. How do we get this going?
>> On Sep 9, 2008, at 8:35 PM, wrote:
>>> Bill,
>>> Funny you should mention those two venues, because I was discussing
>>> this with some So Cal brethren and we came to the same conclusions.
>>> It is the West coast's turn again and I think Portland would be
>>> fantastic.  Let me know if I can help organize this.
>>> Chuck Gee
>>> Blacksmith Racing
>>> -----Original Message-----
>>> From: Bill Babcock <>
>>> To: Henry Frye <>
>>> Cc:
>>> Sent: Tue, 9 Sep 2008 11:55 am
>>> Subject: Re: [Fot] Our weekend at the Glen
>>> I'm thinking it's time for the left coast. Maybe Thunderhill? It's a
>>> hell of a track, though the surrounding facilities suck. Portland
>>> would be great, the Columbia River Classic is the weekend before
>>> this SVRA race (Memorial day weekend), and it's a high-track time
>>> event. Most folks are sick of racing by the time the Monday races
>>> roll around. it also encompasses the All British Field Meet which a
>>> lot of Triumph folks attend as well.
>>> I know I could get SOVREN to roll out the red carpet for FOT since I
>>> helped to give this race a boost a few years ago. The Saturday at-
>>> track party is legenday, an opportunity to get out your vintage
>>> duds, and I can commit to a pretty cool FOT party at Casa Babcock.

Bill Babcock
Babcock & Jenkins

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