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Re: [Fot] LUK update

Subject: Re: [Fot] LUK update
From: "Joe Boruch" <>
Date: Tue, 30 Sep 2008 17:19:56 GMT
A while back when this subject was active someone suggested it was better to 
have old used clutches rebuilt, rather than buying new ones.  I just pulled a 
Borg & Beck clutch off a TR4A engine that I bought. It has a diaphram type 
pressure plate.  If any one wants it for rebuilding (aside from surface 
corrosion on the fingers and cobwebs it looks decent), let me know and you can 
have it for the cost of shipping it to you.  Otherwise it will go in my scrap 
pile to be recycled.  Joe(B)

After trying every trick in the book to get more hydraulic travel, I pulled the 
trans. and replaced the new unit with a AP clutch kit.  The AP unit works.  Out 
of the 5 LUK TR4A/6 kits I installed in the last year, 2 worked, 2 broke throw 
out forks, two were replaced and I expect one to come back when the customer 
gets it out of storage and starts driving it.   This is just to keep anyone 
from going thru the trouble I have lately.   Lorne 

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