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[Fot] Triumph Ghetto at VDCA Roebling Road Season Finale

Subject: [Fot] Triumph Ghetto at VDCA Roebling Road Season Finale
Date: Fri, 7 Nov 2008 12:52:31 EST
Yes, the Triumph ghetto will be erected on last time in 2008. We will be at  
the VDCA Season Finale at Roebling Road December 12-14. Everyone knows the  
fastest way to a racer's heart is through their stomach and this event is no  
slouch. Saturday's Pig Picken' and Oyster Roast are unparalleled. The TR gang  
will also host our famous invitation-only party Friday night featuring  Rob 
Deanes' famous fish fry, in addition to our land-lubber fare.
Oh, if racing is your real motivation, then you should know that the track  
time at this event is second to none. The track, repaved a year or so ago,  
provides exciting sweepers that keep the adrenaline pumping. All for a $250  
entry fee.
So, change the oil, pump up the tires and smell the aroma of 110 octane one  
last time in '08. Come down to Roebling in December! 
Entry form _ 
Don Marshall
Dean Tetterton
Leo Oddi
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