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Re: [Fot] 87mm liner needed

To: (Tony and Annie Garmey),,
Subject: Re: [Fot] 87mm liner needed
Date: Sat, 08 Nov 2008 22:24:59 -0500

I have a torque plate, but also have a fixture inspired by our production 
methods at John Deere.

It controls the shape at the skirt.

Using the torque plate drove us bonkers getting repeatability.

The fixture means that we start with dimensional stability of the liner, at the 
time of assembly. What happens to the liner after the head goes on, I dont 
know, but this method has my confidence.

The torque plate is available for borrowing, IF ANY FOT WANTS TO USE IT.

The fixture and process equipment is also available for your use and I have no 
financial interest in it's operation. I can help coordinate.

Joe Alexander


>Having had this happen to a couple of engines...I invested in a torque plate !
>The liner will go into a "hourglass" shape when compresse. Never had a problem
>since > Date: Sat, 8 Nov 2008 10:07:41 -0600> From:> To:
>> CC:> Subject: Re: [Fot] 87mm liner
>needed> > I've had this happen more than once. My last problem was with #3 not
>#4. > I always add at least 0.001 to the recommended clearance. If I remember
>> correctly, Wiseco recommends 0.003 for the 87mm and 0.004 for the 89mm. > I
>use 0.005 for both and always check it by sliding an 0.005 feeler > gauge in
>next to the fat part of the piston. Did you check to make sure > the piston
>skirt was not collapsed?> Larry> > Henry Frye wrote:> > Many thanks to Joe
>Boruch, I am all set partswise.> >> > Interesting follow-up, I brought the
>offending liner and piston to my machine> > shop and they said I overheated
>that jug. The piston had a black spot 90> > degrees from the crankpin, halfway
>up the skirt that matched the grooves in> > the liner. The opposite side of
>the piston showed a little scuffing, but no> > metal transfer yet. That is the
>area of the piston that expands the most when> > hot. Apparently, I was
>running insufficient piston to cylinder wall> > clearance.> >> > Here's the
>kicker, this happened to the front cylinder, number 1, closest to> > the water
>pump. The last place I would expect to overheat a jug.> >> > So we are going
>to open up the piston to wall clearance some more across the> > board...> >> >
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