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[Fot] TR7 Sprint Dumps

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Subject: [Fot] TR7 Sprint Dumps
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Date: Wed, 21 Jan 2009 21:31:19 -0700
Good Evening, I got the TR7 with the Dolly Sprint engine out on the road last
Saturday and it was fun to zip around in.  Sunday Morning we went out to start
it up and the first crank it mad a nasty clank rattle rattle noise I remember
from my days of blowing up FIATs (like when the timing belts break).  I tested
the engine for compression and nothing from number 3.  I assume the piston hit
the valves and who knows what the damage is.  Anybody had any experience with
this? The engine has a timing chain and I can see it didn't break.  Anybody
know of things I should do to make this engine more reliable during the
rebuild?   ......................Cheers, Henry Morrison, more Triumphs than
Support Team.Net

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