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[Fot] TR4 tire & rim size for Speedsters

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Subject: [Fot] TR4 tire & rim size for Speedsters
From: "Tim Murphy" <>
Date: Tue, 5 May 2009 15:23:28 -0500
What size Speedsters are those of you with TR4's and 6 inch rims running?
The 185/60R15's or the 205/60R15's?  We have Revolution 6 inch wheels with
spacers and the car is lowered about 2 inches I'd guess.  We've noticed on
some other TR4's with the wider Speedsters (205/60R15's) that they look like
they hit the outer fender lip on a hard bump when cornering.  Also have
noted on the Hoosier website that the narrower tire (185/60R15's) may have
more grip on a 6 inch rim than the 205's, as the 6 inch rim is the correct
rim for the 185's.  Appreciate any input.


Tim & Ryan Murphy

1961 TR4 #317


P.S.  We got a HANS device from a vendor who came around at Gingerman in
South Haven, MI last weekend.  Got fitted properly in the car and he mounted
the posts right at the track.  Got the latest "quick disconnect" posts and
the sliding tethers at a good price, $695 plus 3% to use a credit card for
the Sport model.  Very pleased.
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