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Date: Fri, 26 Jun 2009 19:38:45 -0400
I met Mike  at Mosport last weekend, good guy just gatting started. He will
benefit from our help. I second as well. Actually I was supposed to nominate
him earlier this week...

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I am looking for a second for a new member, Mike Deweer, a friend of Peter
Bulkowski. Mike races a TR4 in Canada, and perhaps once he is signed up for
the emails we will hear a bit more about his exploits and his car.

Paul MacDonald

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Could you please nominate Mike Deweerd to the Friend of Triumph, i meet
Mike late in April/09 see below.

I am restricted to send E-mail to the FOT.


Peter Bulkowski

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             06/26/2009 09:47
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                                       Friends of Triumph

 Hi Peter
 It's Mike from woodstock with the TR4 #77, I didn't see you at the
 festival??? Hope all is well, I was wondering if you could sign me up to
 Freinds of Triumph website. I understand you can only join if added by an
 existing member, and I remember talking about this site with you at Dino's
 house for the Lube and Tube. Can you let me know how it works and if you
 can sign me up??
 Cheers Mike
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