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Along the lines of Joe C's email, You want to make sure that your wheel
bearing are in good shape. I had one fail, but noticed it before any real
problems happened. It was on an older car that had been sitting for a long


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I have towed TR8s and lots of MGBs many times with a tow bar. The key is to
take off the bumper and to have a piece of metal across the front which ties
the two bumper mounts together. I used a hat shaped piece of channel which
was bolted to the bumper mounts, both sides and the tow bar was bolted
through the metal shape into one of the bumper bolt holes each side. 

I also got a set of lights from an RV dealer which suction cup to the trunk
lid. The longest tow was from Washington DC to Ottawa, about 600 miles. One
caution.....leave the key in the ignition and unlock the steering only don't do this once...


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Subject: [Fot] Fwd: Towing a GT6

Any thoughts?

I guess he could remove the driveshaft, but I suggested a tow dolly.

Date: 2009/7/2
Subject: Towing a GT6

Hi Andy,

Do you have any experience towing a GT6 long distance with a tow bar
(all 4 wheels down)?

I know to disconnect the drive shaft.  With the rack and pinion
steering will it track ok?

My main concern, how to connect the towbar to the GT6, is the front
bumper ok, or do I need to have a bracket made up to bolt to the GT6
and how?

Any advice would be appreciated.



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