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Bob, I looked into this some years ago and got the following email from
Don Pikovnic of ICI paints.  Don

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Subject: Winchester Blue, et al
Powder Blue (ICI # 8103) is just what the name says, a light pastel
Wedgwood Blue (ICI # 5814) is similar in color but with significantly
gray and somewhat darker.
Winchester Blue (ICI # 2922) could be described as a "pastel-like" navy
blue, much darker than either of the above.
Royal Blue (aka Midnight Blue  ICI # 4665) is a deep, clean navy blue,
very dark.
For the past several months, I have been developing a color guide to
postwar British cars, including Triumph, MG, Austin-Healey, and Jaguar.
To that end, I have sprayed roughly 150 colors with ICI "2K" single
layer urethane automotive paint onto 3" x 5" metal sample panels and
have a nearly complete set for Tr2-6. These panels will serve as color
standards with which we can produce a color guide. My company
manufactures color cards and I intend to use our manufacturing
capabilities to produce my color guide. 
BTW, nearly ALL colors that were used on these vehicles are readily
available in a state-of-the-art coating from ICI Autocolor. Anyone
interested can call ICI customer service at 1-800-647-6050 for the
location of a local supplier or contact me directly for more info.
Don Pikovnik
Coloramic Process, Inc.

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Trying to find a color mix code, paint brand and/or source for 1957 TR3 
Winchester Blue. Any help is much appreciated.

"1957 TR3 in progress"
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