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[Fot] New Small-Bore race series

Subject: [Fot] New Small-Bore race series
Date: Mon, 30 Nov 2009 08:56:15 EST
We organized this with the FOT in mind. Let me know what you think.

Tim Suddard
Publisher; Classic Motorsports
and Grassroots Motorsports magazines
Phone: (386) 673-4148 Fax: (386) 673-6040

2010 Classic MotorsportsB Cup
Announcing a new, four event, mini-enduro road race series for 2010. This 
series runs on tracks from Florida to Ohio, and is designed to lower the cost 
and put the fun back into small-bore production car racing. The most unique 
feature of this series, is that the entry fee will be FREE to anyone 
already entered at that weekendbs regular event. 
This series has many unique features, as the pre-1965 requirement will 
focus on the MGs, Triumphs, Alfa and Porsche 356s who usually donbt get the 
s share of attention at most race weekends. HSR president, Steve Simpson, 
states bWe are listening to our customers and with rising costs and more and 
more focus on newer and faster machinery, we wanted to refocus our efforts 
on the guys that make up the back-bone of classic car racing, the small-bore 
production racers of the fifties and early sixties.b 
SVRA president Howard Turner adds bSVRA is pleased to host the Series at 
two of our fine venues, and we look forward to seeing the MGs, Triumphs, Alfas 
and Porsche 356s get top billing and the significant additional track time. 
It should be a big plus for these cars that are the traditional backbone of 
our sport,b Classic Motorsports publisher, Tim Suddard says, bWe were 
looking for ways to put more fun back into small-bore production racing. The 
Mini-enduro format will offer a lot of seat time without adding to the expense 
of a race weekend. A longer format would get too expensive in regards to 
consumables like tires and fuel. The mandatory pit stop will really help those 
racers who want to share rides, which will add to the fun and further lower 
Drivers in the series will be urged to pit together at races to further 
build camaraderie. The guys at Classic Motorsports, HSR and SVRA will be 
throwing a free welcome party on Thursday night of each race weekend to make 
the events kick off in a fun and friendlyB atmosphere.

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