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[Fot] The Last Open Road

Subject: [Fot] The Last Open Road
From: Andre Rousseau <>
Date: Sun, 24 Jan 2010 09:36:25 -0500
Well last week I finally started reading Burt's book.

I love it. Naturally.

The library system in Ottawa only had #1 and #4 Toly's Ghost.

I was going to read Toly's Ghost right after I finished Last Open Road
(will be done this week), but was told by a friend not to read them
out of order.

I casually mentioned this to my wife... Next thing I know she ordered
all 4 of the current books from Chapters. OUTSTANDING wife!
Guess they we're on sale and why the hell not.

At least I'll have some fresh material to read on the bus ride to work
every day.

Now to steal some garage time and finish off my roll cage.



Andre Rousseau -
'68 Triumph GT6 MK1 -
'77 FIAT 124 Vintage Racer #515 -
Ottawa, ON, Canada

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