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Date: Fri, 05 Feb 2010 07:50:48 -0800

NO Financial interest...

I just purchased a set of the finest looking Tappets for a TR4 I have ever 
seen. ( Fyi... a few years back I had about ten sets made out of A2 Tool 
steel) .   These are so superior in quality.   You could shave of the 
brilliance of the mirror finish.  They are harder than RC 60.
In a figure of speech called a  "litote" they are not  " not inexpensive" 
but,  they look like a deal well worth the effort.

Contact Greg Solo's Engine room.831.429.1800  in Santac Cruz.

Gasket Works USA, LLC
626.358.1616 ph
626.628.3777 fx

Triple R Munitions, Inc.
Class 6  Certified F.F.L.
GMT -8 Pacific

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