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[Fot] Giving Thanks for VDCA's Last Race of the Year

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Subject: [Fot] Giving Thanks for VDCA's Last Race of the Year
Date: Tue, 23 Nov 2010 16:18:01 -0500
As we prepare to join family and friends on this Thanksgiving Day, we  
should remember our friends at VDCA. While we dine on white meat, mashed  
potatoes & gravy, and that wonderful pumpkin pie, they will be preparing  
for their Annual Season Finale at Roebling Road Raceway.

Yes, even though the temperatures are dropping, and old St. Nick is tuning  
his sleigh, some of us are still prepping ("repairing" in old English) our  
race cars. This year's event will be held on December 10th through the  
12th and Mike Jackson has guaranteed beautiful weather in Savannah.

So, go to their website, print the entry form and mail it in with your  
check. Load the spare parts and bring plenty of race gas and oil. You'll  
need it for all of the track time you will have. And, if that isn't  
enough, as a special bonus you will be invited to join Friday evening's  
festivities at the Triumph Ghetto!

The Friday party promises to be memorable - Leo Oddi will entertain us  
with his new Hula Dance - thankfully he dropped the belly dancing lessons.  
Dean Tetterton will explain to all of us the REAL reason he didn't come to  
the Hurricane event in September. Rob Deanes will debut his newest fishing  
stories, I will cook, as usual, and the rest of the Ghettoers will  
continue work on that day's idea on the Triumph Spec Racer!.

So, mark the date and plan on being with us in Savannah. This is gonna be  

The Triumph Ghetto



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