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[Fot] Road Atlanta - Mitty practice?

To: Friends of Triumph <>
Subject: [Fot] Road Atlanta - Mitty practice?
From: Don Marshall <>
Date: Mon, 30 Jan 2012 09:10:17 -0500
I hate to let the cat out of the bag, but this morning I looked at the
entry list for the VDCA event at Road Atlanta next month (Feb 17-19) and I
see that Tony Drews has registered.  No doubt Tony wants to be the fastest
Triumph at the Mitty, and what better way than to sneak down to Georgia for
3 days of practice at the same track? Sneaking into Georgia is a tried and
true concept, first popularized by a guy named Sherman many years ago, so
there's no reason to think it won't work for Tony as well.

The schedule shows 3 sessions plus a race on Friday, 2 sessions plus a free
1 hour enduro on Saturday and one session and a race on Sunday.  That comes
to about 5 hours of track time over the weekend.  Plenty of time to get to
know the track and make sure your car is ready for April.  This event
certainly wasn't set up as a Mitty practice, but the timing makes it ideal,
especially for those who haven't had a chance to race at Road Atlanta
before.  Besides, it's a fun, low key event to get the season started

Also, for those who are coming a long way and want to maximize your racing
experiences, VDCA will be at VIR on April 13-15, just 2 weeks before the
Mitty.  Again, lots of track time at a premier track.  Especially for those
who are traveling a long way for the Mitty, coming a few weeks early and
doing both events might be a good use of time.  In addition, the Triumph
Ghetto will be doing its famous Surf 'n Turf dinner at VIR and everyone is
invited.  Cheers, Don


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