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[Fot] VR1 oil sale

To: Friends of Triumph <>
Subject: [Fot] VR1 oil sale
From: Don Marshall <>
Date: Thu, 10 Jan 2013 17:24:37 -0500
A year or so ago someone found Valvoline VR1 non-synthetic racing oil on
sale at Autozone for half price and was kind enough to post it to the FOT
list.  I loaded up at the time but am just about out and would dearly love
to stock up again.  I suspect that there are others who would like to do
the same.

I have made it a practice to check the oil shelves any time I'm in any auto
parts store just in case there's a sale going on, but have yet to find it
again.  If anyone happens to see such a sale, please make sure to let us
all know.  Oil isn't the most expensive racing part out there but every
little bit helps. Thanks, Don


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