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Re: [Fot] TR4 lifter source

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Subject: Re: [Fot] TR4 lifter source
From: Tony and Annie Garmey <>
Date: Wed, 31 Dec 2014 09:01:47 -0800
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Greg Solow has the only lifter to use .

> On Dec 31, 2014, at 8:48 AM, Tony Drews <> wrote:
> We tested some from BPNW years ago and they were fine as far as hardness.  I
run their lifters.  However I can't buy their "performance" onces because
someone has decided to grind a bevel around the outside edge, reducing the
diameter running against the cam.  If you run a cam that doesn't require full
diameter those are OK too, though.
> Tony Drews
> At 10:24 AM 12/31/2014, wrote:
>> I'm beginning an engine rebuild and Ken G is out of " good" lifters. BPNW
>> lifters and claim they test every batch. This from their website.
>> Any feedback on lifters would be appreciated.
>> Jim g
>> B
>> These are Heavy Duty Tappets (lifter) for a Triumph TR3, Triumph TR4,
>> TR4A. They are lightened and have an extra oil drilled in the side for
>> lubrication. Every batch of tappets are tested when they arrive from the
>> Each tappet will have a minimum hardness of Rockwell 54. The industry
>> is 50 for tappets. We have never had a bad batch of tappets like other
>> companies and never will because of our dedication to dealing with only
>> quality suppliers.
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