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RE: pulley flew off

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Subject: RE: pulley flew off
From: "Don Anglesey" <Don@anglesey.us>
Date: Sat, 26 Jun 2004 23:18:14 -0700
I used Permetex Red when I had the pulley pressed on my pump.  JB Weld
will also do the trick.  I had the local radiator shop recore my
radiator upgrading to the 4 core with higher efficiency fins.  I chucked
the six blade plastic fan for a BCS 90 degree square metal six blade fan
and it seems to cool as well but doesn't flex forward into the radiator.
57 BN4

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Subject: pulley flew off

With all the talk of fans, I don't remember reading about the pulley 
coming off the pump. I had (key word HAD) a six blade plastic fan on my 
car. My son had it out for a cruise and the pulley pulled off the pump 
shaft and put the fan in the rad. (guess all that air grabbing caused it

to become a propeller) I'm pulling the rad to get a couple prices on 
core replacements with more rows. Meanwhile, what about that pulley? I 
don't know if or when the pump may have been replaced. I thought I had 
read about the pulley needing to be switched onto a new pump, maybe mine

wasn't done right. Should I give it a  tack weld to hold the pulley in 
the future?

67 BJ8

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