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Re: early BN4 top

To: Patton Dickson <kpdii@earthlink.net>, <djjob@noos.fr>,
Subject: Re: early BN4 top
From: David Nock <healeydoc@sbcglobal.net>
Date: Mon, 28 Jun 2004 12:58:45 -0700
Yes the bent rod on the bottom of the frame goes into the rubber clip behind
the drivers seat. 

Under the slider on the inner fender well there are two 1/4  28 threaded
inserts. That is where the bracket attaches that holds the clip.

David Nock
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on 6/28/04 12:05 PM, Patton Dickson at kpdii@earthlink.net wrote:

> Same here, my car lacks these as well.
> Is this what the hook that extends from the bottom of the top bow is for?
> The hook for my bows is also missing.  The rest of my bows are fine, and I
> only know that the hook was supposed to be there after comparison with other
> cars.  I am thinking that I could have a hook welded back on.
> A fellow member of the Gulf Coast Healey Club and I were wondering what the
> hook was for at the last meeting.
> Patton
> Patton Dickson - Richmond, TX
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> Subject: early BN4 top
> Now I know why erecting my top is more difficult than it should be.
> I dont have the  rubber blocks on each side which the erected frame clips
> into as mentioned by Dave Nock.
> Where exactly do these fit?
> regards
> Derek
> www.healeysix.net

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