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Date: Wed, 9 Jan 2008 07:27:34 -0800
There is also a Perry Mason rerun with a 100S in a shop. The episode
involves a Southern California racer. There is also some Paramount Ranch
racing footage.
Ken Freese
100S Registrar

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I watched an ancient Perry Mason rerun last night (The Case of the
Waylaid Wolf).  The star of the show was a white (as much as you can
tell on B/W TV) BN6 with bolt on steel wheels.  It had a pretty
prominent part in the action, especially when the scared girl tried to
put it into first gear without using the clutch.  The grinding noise was
horrible but the sound of the car starting and revving up was real.
The old Perry reruns seem to contain several shots of Healeys but this
had the most I've ever noticed.  Who says old-timey TV ain't worth
staying up for....

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