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Re: [Healeys] door striker pieces

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Subject: Re: [Healeys] door striker pieces
From: Jean Caron <vintage_roadster_restoration@hotmail.com>
Date: Fri, 2 Jan 2009 06:18:19 +0000
Here are the dimensions taken from a 1966 BJ8 plates I am currently
021-347 packing plate, made of aluminium, 1/16" thick, 2 7/8" long, 1 3/8"
wide, the BJ8 ones do not look exactly as the illustration in the Moss
catalogue, it has the round hole at one end and a "U" shape from the side at
the other end, if you want I will send you photos off line.
021-349 tapped plate, made of steel, 1/8" thick, 2 13/16" long, 1 3/16" wide
with tapped holes. Holes are centered widthwise, but not lengthwise. One is
centered at 15/32" from one end and the other is at 11/16" from the other
Jean Caron > From: grumpyinloomis@ssctv.net> To: healeys@Autox.Team.Net> Date:
Thu, 1 Jan 2009 19:29:39 -0800> Subject: [Healeys] door striker pieces> > Does
anybody have the dimensions of these two parts?> 021-347 plate packing
striker> 021-349 plate tapped, striker> > These go behind the striker plate on
a BJ8. I have 3 strikers but not the> plates. They look like they can be made
easily if we know the size.> > Jerry> > BJ8>
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