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Re: [Healeys] [Jensen-cars] Wiper rack lubricant

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Subject: Re: [Healeys] [Jensen-cars] Wiper rack lubricant
From: Oudesluys <coudesluijs@chello.nl>
Date: Thu, 15 Jan 2009 21:11:42 +0100
So I noticed. Well, my English may be reasonable, but it has some 
serious flaw's, as is now demonstrated.
Be carefull with MoS2 and graphite in the transmission. It is an 
absolute no-no in limited slip diff's and wet clutches (e.g. OD boxes, 
synchromesh/baulk rings, motorbikes).
I used it when running in engines, which will horrify many, with very 
good results. The running in lasts much longer, typical ca. 10.000km 
with machining at modern (thus tight) tolerances and needs lots of 
discipline, but you will have a gem of an engine if done properly.
Kees Oudesluijs

peteb01 schreef:
> Kees,
> That would be " Molybdenum Disulfide "  -  MoS2.   This is a solid 
> lubricant with excellent Extreme Pressure characteristics.  Normally 
> this is available already mixed in a grease or oil base.  Also 
> available in powder form (I have some that I've been saving, and 
> using, since 1972.  I always add the stuff to my differential and 
> transmission.
> If you don't have this stuff, Graphite will work just as well for this 
> application.
> The basic difference between the two is that graphite requires 
> moisture or high humidity to work effectively.  MoS2 requires no 
> moisture.
> Pete Bahr
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>     Ken,
>     I ment Molybdene Sul_/*fide*/_ Grease instead of Sulfate.
>     Kees Oudesluijs
>     NL
>     Freese, Ken schreef:
>     > Any suggestions for lubricant on the windshield wiper motor and
>     cable? I
>     > am going to use wheel bearing grease unless there is something
>     better.
>     > Ken Freese
>     > 65 BJ8
>     > 74 Interceptor
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