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Date: Thu, 14 May 2009 16:38:07 -0500
<<Goldie the 1957 Earls Court Show car>>

For those of you that may NOT have seen Goldie, see:

http://www.justbrits.com/AHcars.html --->Earls Court 100-6 !!!

<<was at Lake Tahoe in 2002 and I drove her from the 
transporter to the Hotel and back.  What a day a one of a kind 
Healey and I got to drive her inside a Casino surrounded by 
Hotel security.>>

I AM JEALOUS, David <G>!!!!

The following applies to any of you that KNOW Inan<G>:

Be SURE to ask her about Goldie's very FIRST (end of) trip &
Inan's 'condition' upon arriving at the Hotel (1987 Encounter/
Conclave) AND Goldie's' !!!!!!  And about the SECOND room's
'scent' the next morning !!!!!!

FANTASIC tale<VBG>!!!!!

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