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Subject: Re: [Healeys] Oil Pressure
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Date: Mon, 2 Aug 2010 15:58:58 -0400
Hi, Mark -
40 to 50 psi on the highway when the oil is hot is pretty good.  My BJ8 runs
at just below 40 on the gauge when hot, and has since the engine rebuild in
1999.  I now have 70,000 miles on the engine rebuild and the oil pressure is
the same as it was with a fresh engine.  At idle (1000 RPM), the pressure
when hot can drop down to 20 psi or even lower, with no problems.  I have
always used Castrol 20W-50 until recently, when I changed to Valvoline VR-1
Racing 20W-50 for the ZDDP content.  No change in pressure.  I also have a
screw-on filter adapter, but it is one of those antiques (1987) from Moss
that holds the filter at the same orientation as the original canister.

Steve Byers
BJ8 Registry
Havelock, NC USA

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Subject: [Healeys] Oil Pressure

I have clocked about 400 miles since a complete overhaul on my car and
am experiencing some pretty low oil pressure at 40 to 50 pounds on the

The car runs smooth, idles well,  no oil leaks (yet) ,   I am using Castrol
20-50  now since
I changed from the Valvoline 20-50 plus a break in oil , which I ran for
300 miles.
Changing the oil made no difference.  I do have other gauges that I could
out and test .

My main thought is that I am using a Moss spin on oil filter adaptor that I
purchased back in 1998.
Seems to me there were some issues with some of these units and I am
if this could
be the cause of low oil pressure.   This is the one piece unit that allows a
screw on  filter to be used
and the filter sticks straight out from the engine.   All internal/external
engine parts are new or rebuilt.

Any advise appreciated,   Mark
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