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Re: [Healeys] WG: rear shocks

To: Josef.Eckert@t-systems.com
Subject: Re: [Healeys] WG: rear shocks
From: Bob Haskell <rchaskell@earthlink.net>
Date: Tue, 14 Dec 2010 06:02:57 -0500

I don't know what the difference is.  Peter Caldwell of World Wide Auto 
Parts of Madison is on this mailing list.  Hopefully, he'll have a free 
moment and give us an explanation.


Bob Haskell
3000 Mk I registrar

On 12/14/2010 05:32 AM, Josef.Eckert@t-systems.com wrote:
> Bob,
> Many thanks, that`s very helpful. World Wide Auto Parts catalog says RM6075 
>up to the year 1961. That may mean not to the end of BT7/BN7 Production. Their 
>catalog also says RM8002 starts with BJ7, which seems to be wrong.
> What`s the difference between RM6075 and RM 8002? Is it just on RM6075 there 
>were slotted screws used and on RM 8002 poxidrive? I have both types in front 
>of me and that`s the only visible difference I can see.
> Josef Eckert
> Konigswinter/Germany
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> Joesf,
> Their catalog (http://nosimport.com/shoxcatalog.htm) shows RM6075 for the 
>roadsters and RM8002 for the convertibles.  Based on the factory parts list, I 
>don't think that's correct:
> AKD 8555 (3rd edition) parts list for BN6 gives 1B4459.
> The AKD 1151 (4th edition) parts list for BN7, BT7 and BJ7 shows the front 
>shock changed during roadster production:
>       Original P/N: 1B4459
>            New P/N: AYH4040
>         Commencing: 17236 BN7 (Wire Wheels)
>                     17129 BT7 (Wire Wheels)
>                     18484 BT7 (Disc Wheels)
> AKD 3523 parts list for BJ7 and BJ8 gives AYH4040.
> So 1B4459 is RM6075 and AYH4040 is RM8002.
> Off on a tangent:  AKD 1151 shows BN7 production ended with car number 18888; 
>BT7 with 19853.  BJ7 production started with 17551.  The overlapping numbers 
>would imply that all three series were in production for a period of time, but 
>the "Original Austin-Healey" by Clausager states that the BN7 production ended 
>in March 1962, BT7 ended in June
> 1962 and BJ7 started in May 1962.
> Cheers,
> Bob Haskell
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