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[Healeys] Turn signal problems

To: Austin Healey <healeys@autox.team.net>
Subject: [Healeys] Turn signal problems
From: Michael Oritt <michael.oritt@gmail.com>
Date: Sat, 12 Feb 2011 17:00:44 -0500
I have a problem with the turn signal circuit on my BN!.  A little
background info:  First, the flashers are energized through their own fused
circuit separate from any other load. Second, several years back I installed
bulb holders in the rear reflector pods and ran the turn signal wiring to
them.  In other words the stock tail lights are only doing duty for
running/side lights and brake lights.

In any case, when I activate the trafficator the front and rear turn signals
and indicator light on the dash work, though they blink fast--about two
times per second.  And invariably after 10-15 minutes of driving the fuse
blows and the turn signals become inoperable.  When I replace the fuse the
signals work again but after a few more minutes of driving the fuse blows
again, ad nauseum.  This happens with all size fuses up to 30 amps, so
clearly something is going to dead ground.

Thinking that the problem might be from the wires in the steering column I
have jacked the car up and turned the steering wheel from lock to lock while
the signals are on, but I cannot replicate the failure mode.  I have also
jiggled all the lights and wiring at all the fixtures and at the base of the
steering column while the flashers were operating but--of ours--everything
was fine.  The fuse only blows when I am driving the car.  I have not taken
the fixtures themselves apart.

Obviously I am dealing with some intermittent short but prior to tearing
everything apart I wonder if some listers can me suggestions on how to
approach this problem.

Best--Michael Oritt
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