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[Healeys] trim

Subject: [Healeys] trim
From: pajtamuvek at gmail.com (Austin Healey)
Date: Tue, 5 Jul 2011 22:19:26 +0200

Sorry to ask You again, but I think it is much better to ask than to make
something wrong and make future problems.
Since I have - nearly - finished the dash/mechanics, I started to finish the
boot/interior trimming. Not surprizingly I have met some problems. Since my
"carpets" were nonoriginal and quite poor, I have only got clues on the
howto. I was also unable to find much detail on the net. Is there any site
that has detailed pics of the trimming? Or does any of You have this
material? I would be overly gratefull.

I started with the boot. Since I had some remains of the original armacord,
I was able to reproduce the side members, rhd wheel bay, filler cover and
the front one. But I have minimal info on the piece that covers tank.
Anybody has pics of this item?

I also found minimal info on the interior. How is the lag-room carpeted for
example, Is there any carpet or vinyl/leathercloth on the side of the
legroom? is the gearbox tunnel part sewn "hidden" or not? how is the
handbrake are finished.

sorrysorrysorry for the many questions. I just feel a bit lost here also.


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