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Date: Sat, 20 Mar 1999 11:20:43 -0800
The first place, before starting construction, would be to contact the class
requirements committee chairman.
This was the 1998 list:

Special Construction: John Bjorkman
Roadsters: Russ Eyers, 619.453.3044
Vintage: Roy Creel
Coupes & Sedans: Bob Sykes Jr.
Motorcycles: Dale Martin

I only have Russ's phone number . Mike Cook ( should
have the other numbers.

They should have all the answers, if not they will bring it up at the rules
committee meetings. The roadsters
are strictest of the bunch.

What you miss by being so far away from the dry lakes meets is the chance
for pre-inspection. My car passed
the first time at the lakes but each time the inspectors have some
suggestions that should be seriously considered. These unfortunately come
from incidents on the track. After each meet with the streamliner we made
the suggested changes. I survived a crash with minor injuries thanks to
their input and experience.

For safety harness/fire systems and parachutes call Jim Diest
(818.240.7866). When at Bonneville or the
lakes meets look Jim up and have him go over your system while belted in the
car. With Jim's input we
developed a more effective arm restraint for streamliners. He also made
additions to the lap belt
system which again prevented serious injury.

I can help on any of the streamliner specific or general  questions too.

Jim Bickford

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Date: Friday, March 19, 1999 8:13 PM
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>Hi ya' list,
>  It's finally happened, I had more incoming messages from the landspeed
>list than from my other 3 lists combined!  It looks like we're really
>getting the ball rolling now.
>  I've been waiting to hear some discussion about technical details, and
>what is and isn't allowed is specific classes.  Maybe we can pick up a few
>tricks if folks aren't too tight lipped about what worked for them.  Keith
>hinted about how valuable it could be to those of us who aren't in So. Cal.
>to be able to get questions answered.  That's why I'm so excited about
>seeing the list grow.  I had a miserable time trying to interpet the ECTA
>rules, (mostly because I was reading too much into them) and didn't know
>anyone nearby who could help.  After disturbing John Beckett's dinner more
>than a few times I finally got it done and passed tech the first time out.
>As I start work on the new car (E/MS) I know things will be much easier
>the list to help me answer questions.
>  Here's the first of my "can I get away with this?" questions.  I'm using
>ECTA's rulebook, so there may be some additional details in the SCTA rules.
>In the /GCC rules it says window openings can be covered by flat plates on
>the outside of the opening, while altered rules require them to be mounted
>on the inside of the opening.  What's the bottom line for /MS?  What I'd
>like to do is mount lexan on the outside of the door frames.  Can the
>leading and trailing edges of the lexan extend slightly past the frame to
>cover the entire door opening, or is this illegal streamlining?
>Chuck "rules, rules, and more rules" Rothfuss

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