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Subject: from RUSSIA
From: "Minina Natalia" <>
Date: Tue, 23 Mar 1999 18:53:02 +0300
The friends!
This letter from Russia.
At us there was a trouble. The small boy Kurchatov Pavlik from Severodvinsk
(city in north of Russia) is hardly sick, at him defect of heart. Operation
in foreign clinic urgently is required.
If you want to help the kid, please send money in US dollars. The bank
essential elements:
1. The Savings Bank of the Russian Federation, account # 890-0057-610 with
the Bank of New York, SWIFT BIC:  SABRRUMM
2. in favor Arkhangelsk office, account # 30302840500000600400 with the
Savings Bank of the Russian Federation, SWIFT BIC: SABRRUMMAH1
3. Severodvinsk branch # 5494 (corr. acc. 30301840604010654941)
4. The account # 42301840104260000446/20  Minina Natalia Vitalievna.
In the details of the payment certainly show: disinterested material aid.
Even if you send 1 $, you may be sure, that you save the live of the little
man. Hope on your aid.
Thank you.

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