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Date: Tue, 30 Mar 1999 23:48:49 -0800
Randy it might... and please join in... I rant and I rave... as part of my
make up... Classic type A personality... can't help it... I also do it to
keep the list alive... 

to send it to the list try this address or hit reply to all... when you
answer... make sure the to heading in the e-mail includes
and it will reply to all... please feel free to join in the Banter anytime
and have at it... I would be interested in your input... 

Take a sec to tell us a bit about yourself if you would and what got you
into Land speed racing... 

Thanks for your interest... keith

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> Date: Tuesday, March 30, 1999 9:38 PM
> Hi Keith, I have been reading your rants and raves for the past two week
> so. Glad to see your car run so well. 166 ain't bad. I would like to join
> but do not know how to post or send e-mails. Can't seem to figure out
> you guys send them. There was talk of a web site for the ECTA, I recently
> joined a online club for Vegas and Monzas. Its in Yahoo clubs gmhbody
> 1/29/99 we've gained over 80 members. We have 3 chats (private members
> week tech postings ect. pictures, members maps, and its free. Think this
> work for us Landspeed racers?  Thanks Randy Williams

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