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SU Choke

Subject: SU Choke
From: (Mark Jurras)
Date: Thu, 23 Feb 95 12:49:16 EST
I am slowly putting back together my '67BGT that I got in boxes. Last
summer I rebuilt the carbs, changed the oil, cleaned the fuel pump
contacts, fixed the puncture in the gas tank, and checked the
ignition.  I put a couple of gallons in (more leaks somwhere else)
connected the jumper cables, gave a couple of shots of ether and .... 
it started (yeah!).

#1)     When I pressed the accelerator pedal and pulled the choke knob
out as far a I could it would set the high idle cams but I could not
pull it out enough to pull the jets down against the spring pressure.
Should I need to put both feet on the dash and pull hard? When I
disconnect the cable from the linkage it pulls easy. The mechanisim
seems to lose its leverage just as it is needed. I can go under the
hood (bonnet) and work it by hand ok.

#2)     My next project is the hydraulics. every thing is shot. It made
a feeble attempt at removing the black sheet metal housing that covers
the master cylinders. The screws are rusted into place and I started to
bugger the heads. I sprayed them with KROIL before winter storage (but
thats another thread). Does anyone have a solution to remove this cover
without destroying too much?

#3)     The mice love to live and die around my engine compartment.
While I enjoy the company when I work on it I spend an awful lot of
time on DME (Dead Mouse Extraction) and vacuuming up droppings and bits
of my hood pad. How does everybody keep the mice away from their LBC's?
My worthless cat just watches run around.

- -Mark Jurras     = =o&o

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