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Subject: Spoor
From: "A. B. Bonds" <>
Date: 03 Apr 1995 08:02:31 -0600
Having recently completed a siege of take-the-engine-out on my B, and
having taken exquisite pains, I was hoping to have a car that did not
mark its territory.
hubris (hu'-bris) n., Greek hybris, wanton insolence or arrogance
resulting from excessive pride or from passion.

Two telltale splotches on the garage floor Saturday morning.  One
turned out to be fixable.  After 22 years, the (mechanical) fool pump
cover plate gasket had given it up.  This had not been included in the
bottom end gasket kit, so I had ignored it.  Easy to make a gasket,
but had to hang a lot of plumbing on the ratchet to get to the
mounting bolts.  Lesson: fix this gasket when the engine is out of the
car, three minutes max.

The other seep is coming from the rear of the pan, right smack in the
middle.  I did not put goo on the little cork seal, only on the pan
gasket.  Lesson: put goo on the cork seal, but that will have to wait
until next time.
                                A. B. Bonds

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